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Tarot Workshop
 Redo for those whom have previously completed the
ASP Tarot Workshop

Tarot is the ancient form of story telling, prophecy and fortune telling.  Come along for a one day workshop and learn the systems for this fun and historical tool.  For the beginner and advanced alike, you will be able to surprise your friends, relatives and clients with this fabulous oracle to detail their love and business affairs.  Be inspired as to how quickly you can digest this learning system.  After one day you will be able to deliver a life changing reading.


Reiki 1, 2 Mastery & Seichem Workshop

Redo for those whom have previously completed the
ASP Reiki 1, 2 Mastery & Seichem Course

Reiki is a Japanese word for Universal Life Energy.  It surrounds and interpenetrates all things and is the energy that maintains life.  Reiki is a gentle safe, holistic, hands-on healing method.  It produces a deep sense of relaxation, relief from stress, tension and fatigue which increases your body's energy and vitality.  It promotes healing of body, mind and spirit and restores balance, harmony and well being.  Reiki also complements other healing methods, accelerating the bodies own natural healing ability.  It assists you to uncover the emotional and psychological aspects of illness, assisting you to explore and heal these issues, ato take responsibility for your own health.

Reiki energy is channelled through the hands, transferring universal life energy in the body.  It is usually experienced as warmth or a tingling feeling.  The Reiki Channel uses a series of basic hand positions on the head, front of body and back.  This lovely energy flows through the Reiki channel to wherever it is needed most, whether that be to the physical, emotional, mental or spiritual body.  Reiki channels do not use their own energy, and thus do not become depleted, but merely channel energy.  Often the channel also experiences increased energy, vitality and a sense of peace and centredness.  It is a case of "give a Reiki, get a Reiki".  You remain clothed throughout the session while Reiki is given as you lie on a massage table or are seated.

Everyone!  Adults, Children, even the family pets.  Pregnancy is not a bar to recieving a Reiki.

Anyone, even children.  It is usually taught in three levels, Reiki 1, Reiki 2 and Reiki Masters.  Attunements are used to open the channel for the energy to flow through.  Once opened, it is yours for life.  Self-treatment is a wonderful way to take responsiblity for your own health and well being.  Devote a weekend of your life to becoming a Reiki channel and experience the pleasure of healing with Reiki.

Seichem is the feminine component of the Reiki healing energy.  It presents itself as a cold energy of frequency.  You will enjoy being initiated up to Seichem Master and being able to more frequently direct and control the use of this additional technique.  You will receive an initiation in Seichem 1 and Seichem Masters.

- a pen and paper.
- comfortable clothing
- a pillow and blanket
- a warm heart and open mind.


  • Reiki Workshop
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      Reiki 1, 2 Mastery & Seichem Workshop    Redo for those whom have previously completed the ASP Reiki 1, 2 Mastery & Seichem Course WHAT IS REIKI & WHAT DOES IT DO?Reiki is a Japanese word...