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Chakra Spritzer - Set of 7 Chakras 50ml Bottles

  • Set of 7 Chakra Spritzers
850.00 Grams
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Product Description

50ml Chakra Spritzer represents the following qualities and energy:
Made with pure essential oils.

Grounded Blend - Base Chakra
* Aids in feeling grounded and safe.

* Represents our security, our money and our home.
* Enabling one to feel secure and trusting of our environment
* Stimulates our vital forces of the physical body.
* Excellent for meditation and feeling balanced and connected to the earth.
* Enhances Kundalini Energy.
* Physically effects our Elimination System, Adrenal Glands, Lymphatic and Skeletal Systems.
* Sense is Smell.
* Colour is Red.
* Element is Earth.
* Musical Note is C.

Creativity Blend - Sacral Chakra  
* This chakra drives our creativity.
* Excellent for enhancing sensuality.

* Feelings or sensations for desire, sex and apatite.

* Physically represents the reproductive system, gonads, assimilation of water through the body.

* Sense is Taste.

* Colour is Orange.

* Element is Water.

* Musical Note is D.

Energising Blend - Solar Plexus Chakra 
* Heightens the self esteem.
 * Excellent for feeling uplifted and being in harmony with the self.
* Personality, Ego, Freedom, Control and Power are all keywords of this chakra.
* Physically represents the muscles pancreas and the digestive system.
* Sense is Sight.
* Colour is Yellow.
* Element is Fire.
* Musical Note is E.

Empowerment Blend - Heart Chakra
* Creates and comforting and nuturing environment.
* Touch, relating, giving and acceptance.

* Feeling of compassion and unconditional love.
* Physically represents the Heart, Thymus, Respiratory System, Lungs and Circulation.

* Sense is Touch.

* Colour is Pink or Green.

* Element is Air.

* Musical Note is F.

Communication Blend - Throat Chakra
* Excellent for listening and expressing.
* Hearing our intuition and speaking our truth.

* Opens the throat centre and assists in building confidence in communication. 

* Physically represents the Metabolism, Thyroid, Throat, Hearing .

* Sense is Sound.

* Colour is Blue.

* Element is Ether.

* Musical Note is G.

Clairvoyance Blend - Third Eye Chakra
* Opens the mind to clarity of inner thought and vision.

* Individualised consciousness.
* ESP and spiritual awareness enhancing. 
* Physically represents the Pituitary Gland, Endocrine System.
* Sense is ESP.
* Colour is Indigo.
* Element is Inner Sound.

* Musical Note is A.

Inspirational Blend - Crown Chakra  
* This chakra represents Soul and connection to the universal consciousness.
* Assists in mediumistic and spiritual awareness.

* Source of direction and intuitive forces. 

* In essence, higher guidance.

* Physically represents the Nervous System, Pineal Gland and the Brain.

* Sense is Will.

* Colour is Violet.

* Element is Inner Light.

* Musical Note is B.

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